18 December 2018

Flemish sports agency, governmental body,In 2016 Bloso became Sport Vlaanderen, Sport Vlaanderen has several responsibilities: support topsport in Flanders; divide government support funds over the organized sports actors in Flanders; operate the 13 sports centres of Sport Vlaanderen; organize training and courses for sports trainers; organize sports camps; making sport promotion.

Combination of high level sport with education, employment of high level athletes and the coaching of the post athletic career; a program on career guidance has been managed by BLOSO with external partners, specialised in the Human Resources. The purpose of this program is to support elite athletes in their professional career development & career planning in the context of sport and employment and/or the post-career transition. Furthermore collaboration between BLOSO Carrièrebegeleiding Topsport, the BOIC Athlete career Programme and the Adecco facilitate the transition to the labor market. In order to stimulate high level athletes to combine high level sports with higher education (to get a Bachelor or Master degree) a specific project called “BLOSO- Topsportstudentenproject” has been created. This project enables high level athletes to study and enjoy a part-time salary (under strict conditions and well defined entry level criteria). On the other hand, universities and college get financial support to provide coaching on de combination combine high level sports and higher education. For non-students another project called “BLOSO-Tewerkstellingsproject Topsport” has been created. Under strict conditions and well defined entry level criteria some high level athletes can signe employment contracts within BLOSO. The remuneration is calculated based on the level of their educational degree. 

Flanders. BLOSO consists of 13 sports centres, accessible for athletes at each level. Additionally BLOSO funds the sports federations. Within BLOSO the High Level Sports department (“department Topsport”) advises the high level sports policy for Flanders. Within this department a section, called “BLOSO Carrièrebegeleiding Topsport”, is in charge of the development and the implementation of Dual Career for the high level athletes in Flanders. 

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