Who is 4player?

26 November 2018
Who is 4player?

Who is 4player?

4player is an organization started by the Danish Football Players Association, providing second career guidance and support to both current and former elite athletes and helping them in the crossing from an active sports career to a second career. Members of the Danish Football Players Association, the Danish Handball Players Association and the Danish Elite Athletes Association are entitled to help and support from 4player.

4player consists of the following three main programmes: Study4player, Job4player and Sportsalumni.dk


Combining a sports career with an education is both challenging and time-consuming - but doable! Study4player helps elite athletes in combining their sports career with an education, without it affecting and stealing focus from their sport. The key is flexibility, so that the athlete can study on his/her own terms (more or less), and Study4player cooperates with the Danish educational institutions in delivering this flexibility.

Study4player offers:

Guidance and support

Study4player helps each individual athlete in identifying his/her educational needs and the possibilities at hand, along with applying for the education and putting the athlete in contact with the Study4player contact person at the educational institution.

Local projects

Some educational institutions are running a local project in cooperation with Study4player, helping elite athletes in combining sports and studies by offering support and flexibility. When facing challenges and needing flexibility - e.g. an extended study plan or moving an exam due to the sport - the athlete has a central place to apply. In some cases Study4player hires a co-student (a so-called 'buddy') to share notes and keep the athlete updated.

Study4player Online Academy

Study4player Online Academy gathers a series of flexible Danish online educations that meet the needs of an elite athlete. By studying online there are less (or none) attendance requirements, and the athlete can structure his/her own time to fit in lectures, assignments etc. when it's convenient during the day.

FIFPro Online Academy

In cooperation with the international football players union FIFPro, University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) offers the education Sport Management in English online to football players all over Europe. As it is 100% online, lectures are recorded and put online, assignments are handed in online and exams are done online via webcam, making the education extremely flexible and accessible for elite athletes.

If you have any questions regarding Study4player contact director in 4player Rasmus Haagensen by mail [email protected] or phone (0045) 22 26 00 44

Both current and former elite athletes possess some special personal competences achieved in their sports career, but creating a new identity and the transitioning from being an elite athlete to a career in the business sector isn't an easy task. Job4player helps the athletes in preparing for a career change and finding them a suitable job - e.g. by pairing them with Job4players partners, who have an interest in the special competences the athletes possess.