Two way career program , University of Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun

23 November 2018
Two way career program , University of Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun

Poland – Two way career program , University of Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun

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The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (NCU) was founded in 1945. It is one of the largest universities in Poland, currently comprising 17 faculties (including 3 medical faculties at Collegium Medicum UMK in Bydgoszcz). It provides graduate and postgraduate courses for almost 25 000 students, offering education in over 100 fields of study and 65 postgraduate courses. The university employs 4039 staff on both Toruń and Bydgoszcz campuses, over half of whom are academic teachers. NCU alumni now number around 200 000.



Uniwersyteckie Centrum Sportowe

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What is the Two-way career program?

The Program's dual-purpose goal is to provide athletes with the best conditions for continuing and developing a sports career and academic education . Part of the concept of the Program is a flexible approach to studying, but above all providing support for the proper management and planning of a sporting career harmoniously combined with university education. We will achieve the goal by combining high- quality training and education at the highest level, without prejudice to the objectives of each of these activities. Organization of studies within the Two-track career program will ensure sustainable development in the field of science and sports. Strategically, the dual-track career program is an integrated system responding to the assumptions of the EU Council Conclusions and representatives of the Member State governments gathered in the Council on the two-track career of athletes ( 2013 / C 168/04 ).

For what purpose?

A man acquires knowledge from the earliest moments of his life to the moment of death. In lifelong education, we distinguish basic, consecutive stages of education, culminating in a university diploma. It is a durable and natural process. Just as the existence of Universities is permanent and it is natural that their development is driven by talented youth.

Today, the Toruń University is climbing in international research and scientific rankings. In Poland, UMK is classified in the top five universities, is the largest unit in the region and one of the few that can receive the statute of a research university. Also in terms of development of recreation and sport, the University wants to draw the best European and global models. Today, recreation and academic sports are one of the strategic areas of the University's development .

Therefore, we create conditions for the balanced development of sport-gifted youth. We create a two-track career program for a student-athlete of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Studies carried out at the request of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism among athletes show that over 50% of respondents associate their future with non-sports fields or have not yet decided on their future.

In the city and region, a system of youth training and a system of its financing from kindergarten to secondary school was created, where students train in: sports academies, sports clubs, sports classes, sports championships schools. Most often, however, their career breaks down after high school. We want the Toruń University for the gifted youth to become the next natural stage not only in the sphere of education, but also in the sphere of sport. The two-way career program is to become a bridge connecting sport-gifted young people with the University.

For whom?

The two-way career program focuses on a new type of student candidate - a student-sportsman! P rogram we address to young people the conscious role of sport and education in their lives. We would like the studies to be undertaken by persons determined for the result both in academic sport and in science. Our goal is to recruit academic athletes who will tie their careers with the University! Youth conscious that both in sport and in science, work and commitment give results!

What does the University offer to student athletes as part of the Program?

At the recruitment stage:

athletes with a current international master class, master class or first sports class in Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines in the qualification proceedings for particular fields of study


receive the maximum number of points ,the basis for obtaining the qualifications is a certificate issued by the Polish sports association defining the type of sports class and sports achievements being the basis for its award. These candidates are also exempt from the recruitment fee , this applies to all fields of study.


fields of study preferred for student athletes, i.e. a list of fields of study on which it will be possible to flexibly combine academic education with a sports career . This list was created in cooperation with the dean's authorities of individual faculties and took into account all conditions resulting from the integration of science and a sports career. We want to avoid the trap in which students-sportsmen will be offered directions, whose mode of classes, eg laboratories, will make it difficult or even impossible to conduct a holistic Program. Of course, all the fields of study offered by the University are available to candidates , but with the proviso that not included in the list may give rise to problems resulting from the need to participate in contact classes,

for students enrolled in the Dual Career Program, we have prepared the opportunity to study on an individual basis - an individual study plan, as detailed in the Study Regulations . We believe that this is the best solution combining a flexible approach to the study plan, ensuring the highest quality of education through individual selection of education content, individual choice of education forms - student-athlete can apply for individual determination, if possible organizational priority in individual selection of the group under didactic classes and implementation of learning outcomes with partial or complete lack of participation in contact classes. Didactic classes as part of an individual study mode can also be conducted using methods and techniques of distance learning, on the principles set out in the Rector's order, student-sportsman, participant of the Program, will go to the tutor's educational and teaching care at the department leading the direction and sports tutor as part of the University Sports Center . Together, they will determine with each lecturer the form of participation in classes, the possibility of independent learning and the date of credits and exams, so that they do not interfere with the training process, for outstanding athletes studying at the University, there will also be short-term and long-term sports leave . This solution will ensure a high level of education during periods of particularly intensified training work, caused by preparations for the most important and major sports events. The relief in this period from learning will allow you to focus on the sports result. On the results in science we will focus in later periods, when the training returns to normal volumes,

UMK in Toruń focuses on talented sports youth who will want to develop their passions also in academic sports, representing the University at the Academic Championships of Poland, Europe or the Universiade. In addition to academic sports, we want to develop sports potential in state leagues, cooperating in this field with leading sports clubs, giving our students the opportunity to play in the highest classes of games as well as in the lower leagues. Working together with leading sports organizations, we are able to ensure the continuity of the sporting career of players and the continuation of the education cycle from primary school to university, The double-track university career program provides for a rich social offer for students. For the most outstanding athletes who will be admitted to the university, there will be Rector's scholarships and occasional awards . Later, students can count on sports scholarships for achieved results . The university is still developing a system of social material help,

The University is also expanding its sports infrastructure . Soon, next to the hall and the swimming pool, the construction of another


multifunctional hall will commence with the sports rehabilitation center and the physiology laboratory of physical exertion and multi- functional pitch complexes, the whole will be complemented by a running track with elements of small architecture and squares for functional training.

The City of Toruń is a two-way career partner

On 9/10/2018, prof. Beata Przyborowska - Vice-Rector for Education and Michał Zaleski - President of the City of Toruń signed an agreement on partnership cooperation in the field of two-way student-athlete career program and rules of cooperation between the University and the City of Toruń in the field of sport promotion.

The subject matter of the Agreement is to determine the rules of cooperation between the University and the City of Toruń in the field of sport promotion. The signatories of the agreement will undertake long- term activities for the development of sport and the Two-Way Career Program. In addition, the agreement provides for joint work on improving organizational and legal, economic and social conditions, the development of sports infrastructure and increasing the availability of qualified human resources for the development of sport-gifted youth. Partnership contract of UMK - UMT (378 KB)

Patronage of the President of the Main Board of the Academic Sports Association prof. Dr. hab. Alojzy Nowak


I refer to all activities of the broadly understood university academic community, which will be conducive to the implementation of the program for student athletes, and thus ensure perfect conditions for the symmetry of the study program and the development of their career path in the walls of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. It will be a multidimensional, interdisciplinary program that will provide student athletes with an integrated system that meets European standards.

Thanking you for taking up, implementing and implementing the Two- Course Career Student-Athlete Career Program, we not only take pleasure in patronage, but also declare all kinds of help in the atmosphere of seeking answers, examples of good practice in the broadly understood academic sport.

Honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Kujawko- Pomorskie Voivodeship Piotr Całbeckiego

On October 18, 2008, at the hands of the Vice-Rector for student affairs and personnel policy, prof. Andrzej Sokala received a letter informing about taking the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Kujawsko- Pomorskie Voivodeship, Piotr Całbecki, of the University's two-track student-sports career program. This is undoubtedly the distinction of the University's initiative, aimed at holistic education of talented youth.