Projects of National Olympic Committee _Slovenia

21 November 2018
Projects of National Olympic Committee _Slovenia

Projects of National Olympic Committee _Slovenia


Source: Handbook of Best Practices in Dual Career of Athletes in DC4AC project participating countries available at :

Projects of National Olympic Committee

The NOC of Slovenia supports the athletes in their career development with programs, such as scholarships, e-learning and tutoring program, as well as in terms of professional integration of former athletes. NOC of Slovenia is taking care of education of athletes, trainers, experts on the field of sport, and is now also in charge of the athlete’s career programs and athletes status rights.

Adecco Athletes Career Program

In 2005 Adecco on a global level signed agreement on implementation of the program for the employment of professional athletes with the International Olympic Committee. In Slovenia the agreement was signed with the Slovenian Olympic Committee and since them they are cooperating in the program in order to help athletes with education, life skills and employment, they provide them personalized advice to determine interest, lean about transferrable skills and set a career path.

Handbook of Best Practices in Dual Career of Athletes in DC4AC project participating countries

Tutoring program of Slovenian Olympians

The program for young athletes is a great lever for connecting athletes to be role models to young athletes. Tutoring can be defined as the systematic management of athletes throughout the entire sporting career, while not strictly focus on the development only of the sports careers. However, athlete is issued as an integrated personality, therefore it is of great importance to help him/her to develop his/her personality, formal education, schooling, and acquired other skills needed to transition from sport in employment career and for the long life learning. Tutoring is an individual process and allows working at the higher levels of cooperation between professionals and athletes, particularly in cases where, due to the congested situations classic professional relationship is difficult. With the Olympians as role-models and at the same time as tutors in this process the added value of the program is also the personal approach and sports background.

E-learning learning Program

In 2002, Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Telekom company established cooperation in order to facilitate the educational process of athletes with e-learning possibilities in three high schools namely: Grammar school France Preseren Kranj, Sports Gymnasium in Ljubljana Siska and II Gymnasium Maribor. Within the framework of the project and the signed agreement, the student-athletes are provided with adequate internet connection for the purposes of distance learning and school's adaptable e-learning programs. Distant learning means a lot to student’s athletes, because education is carried out in agreement with the professors during their absence due to training and competitions around the world. In this year NOC of Slovenia upgraded their support and included one more Sports Gymnasium.