Italy – Ministerial projects in DCA

19 November 2018
Italy – Ministerial projects in DCA

Italy – Ministerial projects in DCA


Source: Handbook for best practices in Dual career of athletes in DC4AC project participating countries

( (2018). [online] Available at:


Ministerial projects

Scientific High School of Sport, Liss – Educational Ministry

Liss is a new kind of High School introduced in 2014-2015 after a public school ministerial reform. The main purpose of this school is to develop both sport and general competences concerning maths, physics, economy and law. It wants the student to find the links between different subjects developing methodologies and knowledges not only in sport. It comes from the need in society to enhance sport as a tool of cultural inclusion and solidarity. The school have different modules and each High School has the possibility to choose what modules offer to student; some modules give the possibility to take a license (Rescue License for swimming pool) that students can work with. It’s open to athletes-student and student, and athletes can have a flexible timetable. Its aim is also to prepare students to University or for a work in sport, to expand culture of sport and physical education in Italy and to help athletes- student to pursue an education.

Ski College – Educational Ministry, Federation of Skiing and Union of Mountain Entities

The Ski college project has been developed by the Federation of Skiing, that many years ago settle a collaboration with the Ministry of Education and of the Union of Mountain Entities. It includes also a partnership with a series of High School into the territory of North Italy, where athletes of skiing can go to study with a flexible timetable and a tutorship figure dedicated. It involves more or less 10 High School.

Project “WEBSPORT 360” – Educational Ministry

The program has been presented in February 2016 and takes inspiration from the recent ministerial reform of School (named as “Good School”) that includes a special citation for athletes-student. It is made thanks to a special collaboration between National Olympic/Paralympic Committee, Ministry of Education and League A of Football. It offers the possibility to athletes-student to use an online platform in order to provide for the maximum hours of absences allowed by the School (25% for each student) for particular issue. The program offers also a tutorship, both in School and in football Club, monitoring the athletes educational path, especially when they are away from school and use the online platform to study. In this first season the project includes only football players, but in the next ones they want to extend the project for all athletes of all Federations.

Handbook of Best Practices in Dual Career of Athletes in DC4AC project participating countries

Project “The new season” – Labour and Social Politics Ministry and Coni

The new season is a project for sustaining athletes in their professional choices after their sport career end. The main purpose of the project is to give value to competences acquired during the sport career so that they can be used in the contemporary world of work.The project has a first step of information and communication which has the objective to promote the initiative among the athletes.

After this step, athletes are supposed to have orienteering interviews and specific training paths are proposed starting from the needs pointed out. There are three kinds of paths:

- basic training for athletes at the end of their career .

-  specific training for sport management .

- specific training for entrepreneur in sport.At the end of the training, internships and entrepreneur projects are actuated. Monitoring and evaluation activities are also implemented so to attest the efficacy of the initiative.