12 November 2018 is a gathering place for both former and current elite athletes to form an exclusive network for mutual career advancement. The goal is for the members to exploit the opportunities that arise from networking, using each other to 'get ahead', getting inspired and creating new opportunities in the transition from sport to business. offers:
• Annual meetings
• Every year hosts eight meetings - four in Copenhagen and four in Jutland - using different themes (e.g. "Personal branding" or "Approaching the job interview"), and inviting guest speakers from relevant and successful companies to have a presentation and share their expertise. These meetings are extremely useful and informative, and, just as importantly, an opportunity for the members to network.
• Alumni forum
• Using the website, members can get an overview of all the members and their field of work/field of interests, using it to get in touch and networking with one another.
• Mentor/mentee arrangements
• A mentor/mentee arrangement can be beneficial and a positive experience for both parties. As a mentee you can benefit from a mentors experience and guidance for advancing in your career. As a mentor you will get the opportunity to meet, support and maybe get inspired by a young and ambitious winner who wants to follow in your footsteps.
If you have any questions regarding
contact director in 4player
Rasmus Haagensen by mail [email protected] or phone (0045) 22 26 00 44