Italian federal projects in DCA

20 November 2018
Italian federal projects in DCA

Italian federal projects in DCA

FIBS (Baseball and Softball) - “Italian Accademy of Baseball & Softball”

The project wants to promote and sustain the technical, educational and cultural development of young talented athletes of baseball and softball so to improve the Italian heritage of these sports.The baseball Academy, located in the Olympic Preparation Center of Tirrenia, hosts talented players from 14 to 18 years old for nine months. There, athletes coming from all over Italy have the possibility to train 6 days per week both with national and international professional trainers of Baseball Italian Team, Cuba Deporte and Major League.

The project started its work on 2004 and this experience is unique for Europe for what concern baseball. Actually, the Academy is an important center for the European athlete’s technical preparation and for international scouting. Every year the Academy hosts 871 extra-academy athletes from all over the world for improving their sportive competences and American scouts are often there for selecting the most talented players.

The academy gives also high importance to athlete’s education because not always players achieve a professional sport career. For this reason, progressive attention was payed to practices which could help in this direction.Thanks to the school tutor, it is possible to offer special services concerning:

- Family and athlete involvement for choices regarding school 

- Extra-school lessons for supporting athletes if school difficulties occur 

- The management of the relationship with teachers 

FIC (Rowing) - “University College of Rowing” 

The College University of Rowing initiative offers the possibility to talented athletes both studying and training at the same time. This project sees the huge collaboration between two Italian Universities, located in Pavia and Varese, the Rowing and Canoe Federation and the University Sport Center (CUS).

The project is also present in Rome with the Young College of Rowing which is reserved to high school students. The dual career proposal complies with the American college model and the formal collaboration between the involved sport organizations provide various services such as:

- Economic benefits for university taxes, room and board 

- The possibility to live in the University College 

- Personalized study path with flexible lessons, exam and a tutor 

- Ad hoc training with professional equipment and qualified technical assistance 

- Medical and psychological support 

FIDAL (Track and Field) - “College Mezzofondo Insubria Varese” The aim of the project is to support gifted University athletes in continue the training activity at the best techical level possible into the National Federal College. In collaboration with the University Sport Centre (CUS), it is a prerequisite to be enrolled in University and being an athlete with a status of “national interest”. There is a public contest and athletes are evaluated by their qualification (sport and study) and then there is a ranking for admission. Every year athletes are evaluated so to renew their permanence. FMI (Motorbike) – “San Carlo Talenti Azzurri FMI” (now “3570 Talenti Azzurri FMI”) “San Carlo Talenti Azzurri FMI” is a five-years project realized by Italian Motorcyclist Federation in partnership with San Carlo S.p.a as sponsor. The initiative is addressed to young talented Italian pilots between 8 and 20 years old. The project’s purpose is to improve the scouting and the development of Italian pilots thanks to the activation of a particular sportive path divided in two steps: “Frist Step”, from 8 to 15 years, that include national competitions, and Second step, from 15/16 years to 20, that include international competitions. 
San Carlo S.p.a and the Italian Motorcyclist federation contribute to the project with scholarships reserved to athletes from the Italian Velocity Championship. The quality of the initiative is attested by the last sport successes in the European Minimoto Championship (Junior A, Junior B and Senior Open 50) and in the preliminary classes of Moto 3 World Championship. Actually, between the 33 athletes of Moto 3 World Championship there are 11 Italians and in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup there are 21 Italians on 39 enrolled. FIR (Rugby) - “Academy FIR” The Italian Rugby Federation initiative started in 2006 with the inauguration of the first National Academy “Ivan Francescato”, located at the time in the Olympic Preparation Center of Tirrenia and now placed in Parma. Nowadays there are 9 local academies and a national one involved. The project grew up from the need to develop sport talent in harmony with human, social and scholastic improvement of the individual: a personal and sportive growth. The general objective of the Federation is to establish 10 Academies in the whole Italian territory in order to allow the best talented young players from 16 to 18 years old to study and train at the same . The Academy gives the possibility to live in a residence, to attend school in the morning and to train every day in the afternoon. Besides the sport services (gyms and high profile trainers), the academy takes care of family and school involvement in athletes paths. The experience implemented in the last ten years by FIR has allowed not only to develop Italian Rugby Talent, with 24 athletes attending the academy going to Major National Team, but also to support local Clubs in sportive and human growth of hundreds of young talented italian players.

FIS (Fencing) - “School Partner FIS”

The project involves High schools attended by gifted fencing athletes who have the best ranking scores. Each High School is supposed to choose a tutor within the professors, with the responsibility to have contacts with federation, to establish a particular plan of study for the athlete and to inform other professors when the athlete is out for sport competitions or meeting. The main objective is to make both educational and sport paths simpler.

FITET (Table Tennis) - Project Italy

The project is part of different initiatives promoted by FITET for generating an effective improvement in the discipline and in the sport results of Olympic and Paralympic young gifted athletes. It can be considered as an integration of similar projects implemented by the Federations in other teams, the national one and the Paralympic one. The athletes are involved in a sport path which is developed following the particular needs (considering also the emotional ones) of the different ages committed. It is addressed to:

- Athletes under 10 years old who can start a continuative sport activity 

- Athletes between 10 and 15 years old who are trained in local teams and then are selected for the National team 

- Athletes over 15 years old selected for training with the Junior National Team . It is evident that different actions are needed to be implemented: if family engagement is essential for under 15 athletes, for the older ones, a progressive independence should be sustained. Actually, the harmonic development of the individual is an important issue in sport growth. The initiative wants the achievement of the following objective: 

- To sustain and incentivize Sport Societies activities 

- To sustain and incentivize Local Committee activities 

- To promote the Youth Sector activities organization, planning and management 

- To expand the educational and development activities for trainers and athletes

- To expand and qualify the daily sport activities of National Teams.