Projects of Companies in DCA _ Italy

20 November 2018
Projects of Companies in DCA _ Italy

Projects of Companies in DCA _ Italy

Source: Handbook for best practices in Dual career of athletes in DC4AC project participating countries

( (2018). [online] Available at:


EduCare Sport (EduCation Sport) – BNL Group Paribas

EduCare Sport has been developed by the partnership between BNL (National Labor Bank) and the Italian Olympic Committee. The initiative has been also organized by LGS Sport Lab, a management organization for professional athletes, which sees to event organization in sport, communication, image promotion of professional athletes. They are also involved in vocational training for Federations and Sport Clubs.

The project purpose concerns the transmission of economic and financial knowledge, regarding money saving and investment, throw athletes, post-career athletes and also sport managers. The training is divided in 3 modules:

- psychological module- general finance/economy module - micro-credit module

The psychological module, which is totally managed by Coni, particularly by a psychologist, gets throw the skills, learnt by athletes during their sport activities, that can be useful in order to build a professional path besides sport, such as team working or problem solving. The main proposal is to enhance the baggage of competences built thanks to the sport career so that it can also be extended to the world of work and business. Actually, this heritage can become a start point for building new job opportunities beyond sport.

The finance/economic module, proposed by BNL, wants the athletes to get into the world of economics transmitting them some basic notions useful for business, saving, investment, projects understanding and planning.
The last module is organized by PerMicro society and concerns the transmission of more specific economic notions such as start-up, venture capitalist, business plan etc....

College Life Italia

College Life Italia has the aim of helping Italian girls and boys to get scholarships in order to simultaneously pursue their sporting and university career in the United States. College Life Italia gives support to talented athletes in overcoming the US bureaucratic process and in finding the best scholarships. The staff of this organization assists the athletes step by step during the process of recruitment, promotion and pursuit of scholarship and admission.