Spain, High performance Center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

19 November 2018
Spain, High performance Center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

Spain, High performance Center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

 1. Athletes’ advice office at High performance Center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona), source Athletes careers across cultures, edited by N.R. Stambulova and T.V.Ryba, London, Roultedge, ISBN 978-1-84872-167-8


At a more local level the Athletes' Advice Office at the High Performance Center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) also provides assistance to athletes to cope with transitions during and after their sporting career.

 2. National Dual Career policy in Spain – Athletic Care Service (SAE)


“In Spain (Catalonia) there is a national Dual Career policy, with athletes recognised by the government. The Higher Sports Council (CSD SPAIN) and the General Secretary of Sports (SGE CATALONIA) are involved in securing dual career opportunities to Spanish elite athletes. Available services are provided by the Athletic Care Service (SAE), a free service granted by the Secretary General of Sport to support the preparation of the athlete on their sporting, academic and/or professional career. The SAE is a point of reference and guidance on issues related to career planning, being available advising and supporting services. The services offered by the SAE are personalised and individualised according to the sporting stage and needs of each athlete. It is located at the CAR of Sant Cugat, a High Performance Centre with a financial agreement with the High Sports Council. The CAR provides athletes all the necessary help needed for their educational development, including: academic aid and / or professional guidance, guidance on creating a personal project, monitoring and coordination with tutoring programs for athletes at the Catalan Universities, Job seeking opportunities support, support in the process of withdrawal of the athletic career. Athletes may also receive a small grant from the government, which depends on the academic results of the athlete. (Dual Career framework quality- Research summery report)

“In Spain, specific laws for elite sport are in place, regulating the status of the elite athlete, defining the educational, employment, and tax-related measures, and creating a Career Assistance Program (CAP) for elite athletes. In particular, within six months of an outstanding athletic accomplishment, athletes can apply for elite status, which has to be officially recognized by the President of the Superior Council of Sports ( Elite athletes maintain dual career rights (i.e., access to higher education, a flexible attendance and exam schedule, and sport coaching certification) for five to seven years after recognition of their status. (Research for cult committee qualifications/ dual careers in sports.)

3. High Performance Centre of Sant Cugat (Spain) and its Athletes Care Service

“The High-Performance Centre of Sant Cugat in Spain has an Athletes Care Service (SAE) giving individual attention to the transitions athletes can expect in the course of their lives, in particular at the end of secondary education, the end of university education, and upon their retirement from sport. First work experiences are facilitated in local companies near the Centre. The public high school (IES CAR) which is located inside the training center offers lessons at adapted times for the training  groups.


“The comprehensive training of athletes is one of the priorities of the CAR of Sant Cugat.  The need to help sportspersons achieve a complete preparation in learning habits, for better adaptation to the outside World, were the main reasons why the CAR of Sant Cugat believes that a project like this was necessary. It was important to us that similar programs existed in other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France.” Mr. Francesc de Puig, Director CAR (2009) ,Centre d’Alt Rendiment (CAR ) Barcelona (Spain) at the 16th forum of Elite sport, Colorado Springs, 9-13th of September, 2009.

Acccording to the above mentioned presentation available at :

CAR base their work on four main Principles:

-Attention to sports training (CAR).

-Training and education (CAR HS and SAE).

-Access to employment (SAE).

- Personal development (CAR and SAE).


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The High Performance Centre (in Catalan, Centre d'alt Rendiment, CAR) is an organisation which gives support to sport so that it can be competitive at an international level, optimizing resources of the highest technical and scientific quality. The aim is to provide the athletes with everything necessary for their complete training so that we can share the knowledge of their activities. Endowed with a great number of sports facilities and locations that allow to do all kinds of activities related to producers, mass media, companies, etc. The perfect place with all the services that you need to develop an impeccable work.