Spain, Athlete's advice and information Bureau

19 November 2018
Spain, Athlete's advice and information Bureau

Best practice 35 – Spain, Athlete’s advice and information Bureau, Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) Dual Career for athletes best programs

1. Source : Athletes careers across cultures, edited by N.R. Stambulova and T.V.Ryba, London, Roultedge, ISBN 978-1-84872-167-8

Later, during the mid 2000s, different services, with a more holistic approach, were planned and implemented. At the national level, the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) established the Athletes' Advice and Information Bureau in 2007, and the same type of services were created by the National Sports Council (CSD) in 2009. The Athletes' Advice and Information Bureau provides information and guidance to help athletes to follow a professional career after retirement from sports. This personalized service aims at assisting athletes to combine elite sport with education and in the search for career opportunities during athletes' studies and after graduation.

The contribution and participation of businesses in assistance to elite athletes has been limited. Only ADECCO, a human resources company, provides an input – a seminar for athletes on vocational orientation and techniques to search for employment with the aim of integrating them into the workforce. The seminar is adapted to athletes' needs and supported by the COE and the CSD.

2.SOURCE – the website of Spanish Olympic Committee (COE)


The Spanish Olympic Committee allows athletes to access the Athletes’ world community through a link in the COE website. The athletes can registrate in Athlete 365 platform and Athlete Learning gateway and take free educational courses on key subjects like nutrition, psychology, and injury prevention. Athlete 365 - is an online platform ‘Supporting the athletes on their journey to Olympic games and beyond.” There an athlete receive career advices and educate in finance matters, wellbeing lifestyle issues and entrepreneurship.