German OTC DCA

16 November 2018
German OTC DCA

German OTC DCA

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Olympia bases (Olympiastutzpunkt, OSP)

Olympia bases provide care and service facilities for national level athletes and coaches, with free capacities also for national cadres. Their major tasks include movement-scientific, social, psychological and nutrition-scientific support in the context of a qualitatively high-quality complex sport-medical, physio therapeutic, training and, in particular for the Olympic preparation of the national teams in daily training and/or with measures of the central associations. There are currently 20 bases in the Olympic cycle in Germany. They are funded primarily by the Federal and State governments, but also receive assistance from the German Sports Assistance Donation Fund, municipal governments, state sports associations and corporate sponsors.

The central Federations enter into cooperation agreements with the Olympic training centre for a cycle to ensure they work together.

Each Olympic training centre typically has the centralised base and a number of regional satellites which fall under its jurisdiction. Essential support services such as physiotherapy typically operate from both the Olympic base and decentralized at different training places. Some states have many regional satellite training centres: the State North-Rhine/Westphalia has 3 Olympic bases and 49 regional training centres for example.29 These Olympic bases are funded by the State by 1 million EUR a year and 0.5 million EUR from the State sports association.30

The Olympic Training bases of Germany


Spiridon Louis ring 25 80809 Munich

Tel: 089/3067 2681 [email protected]




Fritz Lesch STR. 29 13035 Berlin

Tel: 030/9717 2237/38 [email protected]


Chemnitz/Dresden Reichenhainerstr. 154

09125 Chemnitz

Tel: 0371/50849

[email protected] chemnitz www.osp chemnitz

Cottbus/Frankfurt Cottbus/Frankfurt-Oder

 Kielerstr. 9

03050 Cottbus

Tel: 0355/486220

[email protected]



Frankfurt/Rhine Main

Petrol mark flight corridor 8

60528 Frankfurt/Main

Tel: 069/67801 167

[email protected] www.olympiastuetzpunkt


Freiburg Black Forest

Breisacherstr. 4 79106 Freiburg

Tel: 0761/273016 [email protected] www.osp



At the Dulsbergbad 1

22049 Hamburg

Tel: 040/696524 0 [email protected]



Property Muths way 1 50933 Cologne

Tel: 0221/486264

[email protected]




Friedrich Ebert STR. 130

04105 Leipzig

Tel: 0341/982160

 [email protected]




Friedrich Ebert STR. 68 39144 Magdeburg

Tel: 0391/81980

[email protected]


www.osp Magdeburg



At the Trotzenburgerweg 15 18057 Rostock

Tel: 0381/497560

central [email protected]



Lower Saxony

Ferd. w Fricke way 2a 30169 Hanover

Tel: 0511/1674740 [email protected]




At the airship port 2 14471 potsdam

Tel: 0331/971600 [email protected]

Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland Neuberger sport school

66123 Saarbruecken

Tel: 0681/3879 140

[email protected]



Rhine Neckar

In the Neuenheimer field 710 69120 Heidelberg

Tel: 06221/47660

[email protected]


Rhine Ruhr

Wittekindstr. 62

45131 meals

Tel: 0201/471002 [email protected]



Mercedesstr. 83 70372 Stuttgart

Tel: 0711/5499810

[email protected]


Deaf bishop home

Pestalozziallee 12

97941 deaf bishop home Tel: 09341/8090

[email protected]



Johann Sebastian brook STR. 2 99096 Erfurt

Tel: 0361/3443 4681 [email protected]



Strobelallee 45

44139 Dortmund

Tel: 0231/12047700 [email protected]



Roles of Olympic training centres (the level of accessibility to these listed services for federal cadre athletes depends on their level of cadre):

--Sport medicine sport science/general health: All year health centre for preventative and rehabilitative sports medicine are available from either internal or external medical services. (e.g. For OSP Bavaria athletes serviced by the health centre at University of Technology Munich)
By special achievement-diagnostic test procedures in the laboratory and directly at the training, athletes and coaches can be given extremely useful notes for the individual training organization


-Physio support is one of the central tasks of an Olympic base. Regular physio and massage are seen as an indispensable necessity in the comprehensive support of athletes.
- This includes the following treatment forms: Classical Massage, Bindegewebsmassage, Unterwasserdruckstrahlmassage,

-Patient gymnastic, Manual therapy, Lymphdrainage, Fango, Hot-air, Kyrotherapie (ice), Electrical therapy, Stretching, Rehablitation after sport injuries, Functional federations, Muscle function test, medical training therapy and not least the application of ISO-KINETIC techniques

-Designated sports have specific treatment times only
Physiotherapy services take place both in the Olympic base and decentralized at different training places. For example there are 5 cooperation partners from which physio support can be accessed for athletes at OSP Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein.

-Other OSPs have arrangements with local practitioners to provide treatment to athletes. For example many of the regional centres; but also some central bases such as OSP Cologne which has a cooperation partner provide the service rather than employ people themselves.

--Sports nutrition

- nutrition consultation is available to athletes and coaches concerning: hydration, performance nutrition, planning, nutrition analysis.

-- Career consultation

- Holistic consultation, in order to achieve an optimal balance between sporting achievements and vocational/educational career of the elite athletes.45 This involves individual career coaching even after sporting career has finished and assistance in searching for sport friendly career and jobs.

- Promotion structures often stemming from federal level have been put in place to create free spaces in school, university, civil service and German armed forces for athletes. E.g. cooperation agreements with elite schools of sport and partner universities46

--Sports psychology

- Some techniques utilised include: mental training (in the form of conception training and mental practicing), motivation training
- These require close cooperation between athlete, coach and sport psychologist
- Most OSPs employ at least one psychologist

--Training sciences (biomechanics, physiology)

-The emphasis of this department is to support coaches and athletes with the organization of the training process, the optimization of technology and the optimum execution of strategy and tactics. Training-scientific support is one of the most substantial fields of the Olympic base. Due to the structure of our OSPs with the many regional centres and most different sports facilities and training centers, a goal of developing a decentralized diagnostics is pursued.

Major tasks include:

Ø achievement diagnostics [testing to evaluate training methods, for the evaluation of the current training condition of the athletes, for the clarification of deficits as well as identifying areas for improvement (training recommendations)].

- physiology: Physiological achievement diagnostics, analysis of training effects, Control of the training intensity, Training plan analyses, Training central analyses. (e.g. 2 physiologists and 3 biomechanists are employed at OSP Cologne/Bonn/Leverkusen. There are also 5 partner institutions including the Institute for sports science and medicine47, Institute for biomechanics and DSHS Koln [university]).

- biomechanics: Employment of biomechanical measuring methods for the collection of achievement-relevant technique parameters, video supported match analyses, Analysis of training effects, Control of the training intensity, Training plan analyses, Training central analyses
Some of the more impressive facilities include a stationary flow pool for swimming biomechanics; 5 cameras and attached analysis computers at Olympic training centre.

-Measures for training control
Monitoring of training, analysis of individual training loads, the time required to adequately recover and determining desirable maximum load. For this purpose different metabolic parameters are measured (e.g. heart frequency, lactate, urea, creatine, urine acid) examined with above goal of determining individual load effects.

- Support for national teams to training and matches [Health monitoring, training control, the technique analysis and the analysis of matchplay are located in the OSP.]

-  Support in the planning and co-ordination of training [OSP training scientists assist in planning, execution and control of areas of predominantly conditional and coordinative training in all large regional centres. In particular in the sports: alpine skiing, figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey exist in close co-operation to the central associations and responsible discipline coaches.