FLOT /Netherlands

12 November 2018
FLOT /Netherlands

Source Dual Career Quality framework research report, commissioned by the European Union, http://www.sportknowhowxl.nl/files/2016/DualCareer.pdf

Useful link https://www.nocnsf.nl/topsportenonderwijs/hogeronderwijs



At the end of 2013, 10 universities and 15 universities of applied sciences together with the national Olympic committee (NOC*NSF) have agreed upon the improvement of education and career perspective of elite athletes. The arrangements are integrated in the Actieplan FLOT (Flexibel Onderwijs en Topsport). More specifically, they are focusing on two phases: “talent and student” and “elite athlete and student.” In this framework, for secondary education Talent Schools for youth athletes (aged 12-18 yrs) are present.

With the FLOT document agreements are made on the organization of education around elite athletes, who needs extra time next to their study to prepare for participating in big international sports events. The action plan has 3 objectives:

Competence targeted study choice: it is important that an elite athlete can do a study in the direction that fits his or her interests and competences. Free choice of study and attention for elite sports competences will prevent failure and big delays, and additionally will stimulate the sport performances.

Flexible education: an elite athlete should be able to follow flexible education, within reasonable borders. Doing this the elite athletes is enabled to do their training and competitions in- and outside their country in combination with study and exams.

Financial feasibility: From a financial perspective an elite athlete should be enabled to perform his/her sport at the highest lever, without disproportional extra costs for sports or study.  Within these objectives the undersigned of the action plan make arrangement on what they are together going to implement within their own organization. Additionally they establish a structure wherein anchoring can take place in synergy with elite sports and education.