12 November 2018



KU leuven/University sport center for student athlete

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“It isn’t easy to combine higher education and a top-level sports career… Both are demanding and if you want to make the best of both, you’ll often find yourself faced with dilemmas!”  That’s why KU Leuven has elaborated a wide range of facilities for student athletes. All starts with getting a ‘student athlete statute’.

KU Leuven University has stipulated the following criteria for students who want to apply for a statute:

You should be:

an athlete, recognized by the Olympic Committee of your country or/and

selected on a regular base for the national team in your discipline or/and

a regular participant in international competitions in your discipline or/and

a member of a team in the highest division or/and

recognized by your own sports federation as a promising athlete or as one of the top five in your sport or/and

eligible or selected for participation at the Universiade or World University Championships

For students who compete in the highest division, the number of training hours as well as being selected for the starting line-up is taken into account when the student athlete’s statute is being considered.

For all those students who are granted and elite sport statute class A, the examination regulations at KU Leuven provide 'exceptional regulations for special groups' (art. 51), with the possibility of:

spreading out exams from the beginning of the examination period in January until the end of the examination period in July (and if necessary until the end of the examination period in September)

re-scheduling examination dates

For all those students who are granted an elite sport statute class B or class A, there is the possibility of

tolerance of absence at lectures, seminars or lab sessions in order to participate in practices or competitions

finding solutions for missed lectures, seminars or lab sessions

part-time study or spreading one or more academic years over multiple years

Next to the academic privileges, we also offer sport-related facilities:

use of the facilities of the university Sports Centre

guidance in specific training sessions

Also on a medical level, student athletes can rely on a high quality service at KU Leuven. As well for medical surveillance as for rehabilitation, we have a specialized medical staff. For surveillance, you can rely on the ABC-top level sports centre. Here, some of Belgium finest sports men and women are daily customers, which indicates the high level of professionalism in this centre. They can provide you with guidance in aerobic endurance training, testing, nutrition… If you should get injured, our Sports Medical Advice Centre has some of the very best physiotherapists that can help you to regain your form and allow you to get back to a competitive level as soon as possible.

More information and application:

Sports Secretariat of the University Sports Centre
Building De Nayer, Tervuursevest 101, BE-3001 Heverlee
E-mail : [email protected]
Tel: 016/329.358