26 November 2018

Job4player offers:

Guidance and support

Job4player helps elite athletes to identify their personal competences along with clarifying their wants and needs in a new job and how to get there. Job4player also helps shaping and optimizing their profile and CV, and guiding them through the process of job seeking and job interviews.


On the Job4player website it is possible for both former and current elite athletes to create and upload their CV in a CV-database. The database is unique as it is exclusively for elite athletes, emphasizing the special competences elite athletes have. Job4players partners can then access the database and recruit any number of candidates.

Partner network and job bank

Job4player cooperates with a number of companies that are interested in recruiting elite athletes. The partners are presented at Job4players website and can place specific job adverts aimed at the elite athletes in a so called 'job bank'. Job4player also gathers regular job adverts from its partners and list them  at the website. This way elite athletes can get a quick overview of the job adverts by the partners, who by default are interested in the special competences elite athletes have.

If you have any questions regarding Job4player contact jobadvisor in Job4player Kresten Blæsild by mail [email protected] or phone (0045) 22 32 18 55


Job4player aims at helping athletes to become aware of their competencies and possibilities in terms of job opportunities during and after their sports career. The program is initiated by the player unions in Danish soccer and handball and their services are mainly designed for professional athletes in these top sports. The holistic ecological approach is visible in the fact that a number of municipalities aim at creating supportive talent development environments directly inspired by the research and often aimed at integrating efforts, optimizing dialogue around the athletes and working to develop a supportive group culture.