Smart Sport event held in Ljubljana

6 December 2019
Smart Sport event held in Ljubljana

An informative presentation and guided tour of the Sports Institute at the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana was held as part of the Erasmus+-funded project Smart Sport on Monday, 3 December, where participants were also able to experience first-hand the use of smart technologies in sport.

The two-year project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, supports the implementation of the EU dual career guidelines, embracing sport and education, linking them to the business sector, especially focusing on smart technologies.

Within the project, online educational modules for elite athletes and coaches will be developed, aimed at enhancing their knowledge of innovative and smart technologies, their technological skills and its uses. An online platform will also be created, showcasing good practices and policies for dual careers of elite athletes and connecting business, sports professionals and athletes.

As part of a Smart Sport project initiative, interested participants in Ljubljana took part in a study visit of the Sports Institute at the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana, where a presentation was given regarding the activities of the facility, the smart technologies used and projections for the future regarding such technologies in the field of sport, as well as a presentation of the Smart Sport project.

Participants were then given a guided tour of the facility, where explanations of the various different smart technologies were given while select participants were able to test their strength on various machines.

The tour ended with each participant being given a personalised InBody scan which analysed each individual’s body composition, measuring amongst others balance, strength and muscle structure.

An additional initiative of the project will again take place in Ljubljana next week Wednesday, December 11 at the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, which will host a round table discussion on dual career, linking education and sport institutions, athletes and employers.